The world has witnessed a data explosion triggered by proliferation of devices and emerging channels of data creation and consumption. The velocity, volume and variety of data that organizations need to analyze is changing rapidly. Uncovering insights from this data requires effective collaboration, integration, validation and collective techniques. It extends beyond change of technology landscape to include analytical processes and methodologies aimed at generating the correct insights that accelerate real-time business proposition.

Cauvesoft, through big data consulting and services, enables corporates conceptualize and drive a well-thought-out big data strategy across multiple domains. Our big data services help corporates achieve the twin objectives of revenue/profit maximization and increased operational efficiency. Our big data offerings provide corporate with the optimal customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, while helping them identify revenue leakages and fraud; thereby, improving profitability. Through a comprehensive set of big data consulting and services which includes support and managed services, we help clients’ generate actionable insights from the big data initiatives.

Big Data Consulting

Proof of concept, Strategy map, Technology evaluation & consulting, Architecture Consulting, Capacity Planning, Performance tuning.

Big Data Development and Implementation Services

Data modelling and algorithm creation, Develop and map reduce code, transformations, custom code, Data integration services, search and doc indexing, Data quality, Reports, analytics (machine learning)

Big Data Testing and Provisioning

Installation and Configuration Services

Big Data Security

Data governance, identity and access management services

Big Data Support and Management Services

24*7 support, configuration, policy admin, security, backup/recovery, archival, admin support services